The Benefits of double wall coffee cups for coffee shop

If you're a coffee lover, you should also pay close attention to coffee cups, especially ones that may have funny or inspirational quotes on them. Although the use of insulated hot coffee cups is a very common practice, some businesses don't see the point. Why choose 16oz double wall hot coffee cups? Although it is just an extra layer of paper, it may still be underestimated by most businesses. There are many advantages to using a double wall hot coffee cup, although some people may not be aware of some of them. So, without further ado, let's dive into the advantages of a 16-ounce double wall hot coffee cup.

16oz double wall hot coffee cups
Double wall hot coffee cup for extra protection
Probably the most obvious benefit of using a double wall hot coffee cup is that it provides extra finger protection for your fingers. Sometimes the material of a regular single wall hot cup can be slippery, or your hands can get sweaty - when that happens, the cup can easily fall off your hands and onto you, potentially causing burns. Double wall hot coffee cups help prevent this, they protect your fingers and ensure the cup doesn't slip out of your hands. It turns out that double wall coffee cups are also very useful in summer, when you want to keep your drink cool for as long as possible. When you have a drink in your hand, you are heating it, even if you don't realize it. With a double wall hot coffee cup, you can isolate the warmth of your body from the cold drink, so you can enjoy its refreshing coolness for longer.

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Double wall hot coffee cups cut costs for businesses
Before the popularity of double wall hot coffee cups, restaurants and coffee shops opted for paper cup sleeves to protect customers' fingers from scalding. However, not only does this make customers uncomfortable, it costs companies more money. After all, it's much cheaper to use a double wall of hot coffee cups to provide insulation than to provide each customer with an extra cup sleeve to keep them happy and safe. Most coffee cups are made from recyclable materials, and used paper cups are collected and used to make water pulp, which is ultimately used to produce new pulp. What makes the double wall hot coffee cups even more eco-friendly is that they are biodegradable, which means they don't take long to break down.
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Disposable coffee cups are a marketing opportunity
Did you know that disposable coffee cups are a great and fairly affordable way to advertise your business? There's a good chance that a customer who just bought your coffee will take it to work, or at least walk with it, even if it's across the street. Depending on where they're going, they can outnumber hundreds or even thousands of people during this time. If your coffee cup is branded enough, I'm sure some other people might see the message and be interested enough to check out the brand.