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Bill Kenwright is a British theatrical producer and director who has made significant contributions to the world of theater and film. He was born on September 4, 1945, in Liverpool, England. Here are some key highlights of Bill Kenwright's career:
Theater Production:
  1. Company Director: Bill Kenwright is the chairman and majority shareholder of the theater production company Bill Kenwright Limited, one of the UK's leading theater production companies.
  2. West End Shows: He has produced numerous successful shows in London's West End, including classic musicals like "Blood Brothers" and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat."
  3. Diverse Productions: His production company has been responsible for a wide range of productions, including musicals, plays, and classic dramas. He has a reputation for producing high-quality and diverse theatrical performances.
Film and Television:
  1. Film Productions: In addition to his work in theater, Bill Kenwright has been involved in the production of various films. Some of his film credits include "Every Breath," "Hard to Swallow," and "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

Football Club Ownership:
  1. Everton F.C.: Bill Kenwright is a well-known figure in the world of English football. He is the chairman of Everton Football Club, a Premier League team based in Liverpool. His ownership of the club has been a significant aspect of his public life.
  1. Charitable Contributions: Kenwright has been involved in various charitable endeavors and philanthropic activities. He has supported numerous charitable causes, particularly those related to theater and football.
Bill Kenwright's career in theater production, film, and his role as the chairman of Everton Football Club has made him a prominent and influential figure in both the entertainment industry and the world of football. His contributions to the arts and sports have had a significant impact on these domains in the United Kingdom.
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