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Dafydd Iwan is a prominent Welsh singer, songwriter, and political activist. He is known for his significant contributions to Welsh folk music, as well as his involvement in Welsh nationalism and politics. Here are some key details about Dafydd Iwan:
  1. Early Life and Music Career:
    • Dafydd Iwan was born on August 24, 1943, in Brynaman, Carmarthenshire, Wales.
    • He began his career as a folk singer-songwriter in the 1960s and quickly became a leading figure in the Welsh folk music scene.
    • He is known for writing and performing songs in both Welsh and English, with many of his songs addressing political and social issues.
  2. Political Activism:
    • Dafydd Iwan has been an active supporter of Welsh nationalism and the promotion of the Welsh language and culture.
    • He was a prominent member of Plaid Cymru, a political party in Wales that advocates for Welsh independence and the preservation of the Welsh language.
  3. Political Career:
    • In addition to his music and activism, Dafydd Iwan had a career in politics. He served as a county councilor and later as the chairman of Gwynedd County Council.
  4. Music and Songwriting:
    • Dafydd Iwan's music often reflects his political and cultural beliefs. He has written and performed songs that celebrate Welsh heritage, express support for the Welsh language, and address social and environmental issues.
    • Some of his well-known songs include "Rhyfelgyrch Gwŷr Harlech" (The Men of Harlech March), "Yma o Hyd" (Still Here), and "Cân y Blaenau" (The Song of the Valleys).
  5. Recognition and Legacy:
    • Dafydd Iwan is considered an influential figure in Welsh music and culture, especially for his contributions to the promotion of the Welsh language and the Welsh nationalist cause.
    • His music continues to be celebrated, and he is recognized for his commitment to preserving and promoting the Welsh identity.

Dafydd Iwan's music and activism have had a significant impact on the cultural and political landscape of Wales. He remains an iconic figure in the realm of Welsh folk music and a symbol of Welsh identity and pride.
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