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It was later discovered that EA had a mistake and released the packs and flooded the market with FIFA 23 Coins an enormous quantity of the item and seeing all prices plummet rapidly Some players lost the equivalent of one million coins worth around PS200 in the event of purchasing from a third party.

EA is yet to make a comment on the mistake. However, the damage to the market is long-lasting. The majority, but not all players are losing value, and even though the market has improved somewhat after the demise from the pack and resultant shortage with FUT Hero items, the loss of coins can't be recovered.

Anyone who was able to buy the pack may be in even more luck, however since the pack was advertised as untradeable (meaning the item couldn't be sold via the exchange market), in past instances when EA has sold a pack with an incorrect description it is typical for them to compensate those who purchased the pack. This means that some players may receive the two FUT Hero cards with as little as 25000 coins.

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EA Scores own goal as FIFA 23 Hero Pack Snafu Wipes Millions of Coins Off Virtual Market

A snafu with one of FIFA 23's"Hero Packs" become quite costly following the fact that an exchangeable FIFA Ultimate Team Hero object was placed on the market for virtual transfers in the game with a substantial reduction in price buy FUT 23 Coins. The chaos ensued when players tried to sell their items in the event that their value fell, trying to recuperate losses since the market was inundated.