Geely has introduced a Light Commercial Vehicle

At the Frankfurt Motor Show, many interesting cars were presented. These include the new Geely LCV, which should go on sale very soon.

London Electric Vehicle Company is a British company owned by Geely. She presented her light commercial vehicle (LCV) at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The performance was held in the hall “New World of Mobility”. The compact version of the hybrid powertrain van is a 1.5-liter gasoline engine from Volvo with an electric motor located on the rear axle and powered by a 31-kilowatt battery.

The total power reserve of the car is 600 kilometers. And with a fully charged battery, it is able to travel more than 120 kilometers in electric mode without additional recharging. According to the manufacturer, the car is more likely for distributors traveling 160 or more kilometers per day.

CEO Jörg Hofmann said that they had the opportunity to bring something of their own into the future of electric used cars, which they took advantage of. At the moment, there is a high demand for LCV cars with zero emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere. According to Jörg, their new product is an ideal solution due to its durability, reliability, efficiency, economy and high quality.

The director also made a harsh statement. The company has set a goal - to become a leader in Europe in the field of solutions for environmentally friendly commercial mobility.

Full information should be disclosed next year during the launch of the model on sale There is information that the level of comfort will be similar to premium minivans, and that the company will achieve the highest standards of safety in a collision.