Grand Theft Auto V - Celebrate the red, white and blue in GTA Online all week long.


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GTA 5 WORST gamers EVER!!!
They can't race without CHEATING, can't finish a mission without LEAVING, can't play with other players without killing them.
THAT'S why this game SUCKS, the game itself is AWESOME!!! Especially with gamers who KNOW how to have FUN.
Bad sport lobbies should only be for cheaters?

I was put in one last month and I’m still in one for the next 6 days?

Why? Because I was forced to blow up some people’s deluxos to stop them from destroying my shipment? And boom. I was put in a lobby full of actual cheaters with 90000000kd?

I’ll i ever do is contact missions.. that I can’t even play now because I’m in a bad sport lobby lobby?
I played it this morning for the first time In 2 years ....nothing has changed ....same crap it was years ago . I gave it about 2 hours then shut it off .......
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So when are import/export vehicles going to be 2x? Oh yeah cause we would all be rich if that happens.
I'm very pleased with rockstar. In my head I was just like "what if they extended special cargo sell missions " and what's the first thing I notice when I log onto their website? "We're extending Double GTA$ payouts on ALL Smuggler's Run, Special Cargo and Bikers Sell Missions." If you dont appreciate rockstar right now, you're trippin.
Please make everything coming out in the night club dlc over 60 million...i have 4 accs with 16 billion/567 million/456 million /67 million..i don't think it's fair that poor players can live in the same apartments as me or drive the same vehicles as me...keep up the great work.
So where are all the NFL bycot people? This right here is a violation of the flags code of conduct and therefore disrespectful to it. According to the code no company shall use the flags likeness to promote it's self or a product.

Since no way I am going to pay more than 2 million on a car that doesnt have any kind of weapons or perks like rocket boost I'm planning to buy one of the attack choppers. But, wich one is more useful in missions and taking the griefers/tryhards off your back ? The Hunter or the Akula ?
I am shooting everyone this week with only the firework launcher!! I am so dead!! lol But I will have fun.