How Do You Keep Wet And Wavy Wigs

Water waves are natural and very easy to blend with your own hair. Water Wave Hair become more and more popular among girls all over the world. The hair is very light, silky and lustrous.No tangling, no shedding, freetress hair water wave is the best-selling products for its beautiful appearance and easy maintenance.

How Do You Keep Wet And Wavy Wigs
1. Use a wide tooth comb for water wave hair weaves
Use fingers to detangle your Water Wave Wig weaves thoroughly, from ends the top, starting at the roots of your hair may cause breakage, then use large tooth comb. Use the paddle brush to smooth hair, style as desired.

2.Wash water wave human hair
Always keep your water wave hair clean. Hair will tangle when it is dirty and sweat builds up. Wash your hair every week. Wash your water wave hair in cool or lukewarm water. Put your hair into the water from ends to the top, wash hair with the finger if possbible, do not rub or twist hair.

3.Hang the water wave extensions up to dry
Pat your virgin water wave hair dry and do not brush them when it is wet. Hang your hair extensions to a well-ventilated area, and wait until it is dry. Let your Wet And Wavy Wigs dry completely in the air. Please remember you can't use a wind to blow the hair divergent.

4.Hair Maintenance
And don't forget to deep maintenance the hair every 2 weeks. This is to give nutrition to the hair to keep it well, not easy to feel dry. Then will no have problems with tangle and shedding.

5. Avoid using heat styling on your hair
You'd better not use hair styling on your sewn-in hair weave, such as straightening or curling. If you must use it, use a heat protecting spray and a medium to low temperature.

6.Wrap up your hair weave
If you don't want to wake up with a head of messy hair in the morning, wrapping up your hair weave would be a good solution. It is a very convenient way to avoid damage and breakage of your hair weave.

7. Treat your hair weaves as your own hair
To keep you hair weaves in good condition, you must treat your water wave hair just like your own hair. The more you care, the better it would.

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