gravitas keto The positive thing about this is we can change our attitudes and beliefs! We are in control of this change! We can alter a Negative or Bitter belief and make it positive. It is not always easy if its something you have held for many years, but it can be done! The old pants you had just would no longer fit and you feel that you have become heavier than you should be. So you have come to decide that it is high time to start having you health weight loss plan. Here are a few guides you can follow to start with your health weight loss plan Keeping a health lose weight diary will do you wonders even if it is just a simple thing to do. Here you will write down your goals and keep the simple sentiments that will help keep you going through with your lose weight plan. Here you will write down all the encouraging progress you have made so you will have something to hold on to when you are in great need of motivation.