Minecraft - Meet the Drowned! The deep-sea deceased! The underwater undead!


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Seriously? I was just about to finally grow a pair and switch from Peaceful to Easy!
I thought they were going to apologize for it taking to long to get the update to Java, but I guess that will never happen lol.
well it could of been worse underwater creepers or flying creepers that just divebomb your house.
You know what would be fun. If you as a player drowned underwater it spawned a drowned on the spot. Almost like you drown and become a drowned zombie! When will Java get the update? We are the most loyal of customers, been with Minecraft since day 1, when not much was thought of for t he future of the game. We invited friends to the game and we rent Realms to play with these friends. There used to be frequent and content-rich updates in this game. Why must we wait so long for this update?
This is cool and all but where the hell is the Super Duper Graphics Update?????
We were only supposed to wait two months, now it’s over a year, we want to know!!!!
I mean, I don't really mind more enemy variety, but I am getting sick of seeing the same zombie-esq character.
What would be good is if they would RELEASE THE UPDATE! Or at least notify us when the next date for release is expected. This mob breaks the game. Level of security is now completely different. (Yes, I can lower the difficulty but that actually proves my point since I haven't need to do that for years of playing Minecraft). I disabled updates now. I was looking forward for new aguatic mobs but I don't want to break my games so I will have to stay on previous version. I may try some extra world on this update but that is as far as I go. And yet it wouldn't hurt if Drowned only spawned aroud shipwrecks or if they at least wouldn't leave the water.
While I love 1.13 and, of course, the Drowned, I really want you guys to nerf their tridents. Being peppered with 10-damage projectiles just for taking a dip in (or a walk near) a river or coastal beach area is a bit infuriating. Yeah. I kinda don't play Minecraft anymore for this reason, (bad updates), and that's coming from someone who jumped on board right after beta. I'll meet these once they're not locked behind the Experimental tab anymore. And after you guys fix the assload of world-corrupting, gameplay-breaking, headache-inducing bugs the game already has before you start adding new ones.
When I first started playing I killed all the villagers in the town by accident (left doors open and zombies killed them). Is there anyway to get them back? I have both versions of Minecraft and can’t seem to get the aquatic version, not sure what I am doing wrong, but I would really like to get it. Playing Minecraft underwater is hard enough without things trying to eat you. I imagine that a lot of players are going to go swimming either a lot more, or a lot less when this update comes out.